I am a full time trader with a 8 year trading experience. Forex trading is a real business, just like any other and definitely not easy for newcomers. It takes many years of hard work before you can trade full time for a living. I have a masters degree in economics and have been trading stocks and currencies for a long time now. I am offering my services to anyone who wants to invest money in this business to grow it. I prefer to work with a few big clients over many small ones, so please understand that I will only accept 10-15 clients to work and build a long term partnership with.

What are the trading rules? I am only trading EURUSD and GBPUSD. I leverage up to 1:5 for all open trades. Do not confuse the amount of open trades with risk. Risk = over leveraging. It doesn't make trading safer if you only have 1 trade open at a 1:5 leverage, for example, or 5 trades at the same combined leverage. All that matters is drawdown and monthly profit %. I am not using a hard SL most of the time, bad trades are closed manually. My goal is a steady monthly profit at a low risk. Thats what the default account is for. I can set risk to any value when it comes to client accounts, double, triple or anything else. It depends on the account size and risk aversion of each client. Below are monthly profits for the default low risk account.

How does it work for the client? I will be trading your account, so you can see this is 100% legit and you will be in full control of your money at all times. The minimum amount to get in is $10,000 in your trading account, so its beneficial for all of us. Every month we will split the profits 50/50. For accounts over $50,000 the split is 60/40 and for accounts over $100,000 its 70/30. You can email me at support@moneymanagement.ltd with any questions.

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